Tokyo, Japan

We returned to Tokyo for the last leg of our trip. For the first two nights, Jess and I stayed at a traditional Japanese-style inn (a ryokan) in the district of Asakusa. 

Asakusa was quite traditional compared to the other places we’d stayed in, but was extremely touristy with all the typical souvenir shops selling their bits and pieces.  

We made the trip to DisneySea in Urayasu, where we spent the day mostly standing in lines (but enjoying a few rides too). It felt strange, but also a little refreshing, not having my camera with me for the day.

For our last two nights, Jess and I stayed at a lovely hotel in the area of Chiyoda. 

Akihabara, an area famous for its electronic, anime and manga shops, was first on our list. We had a really strange experience at a maid cafe during our visit. 

We also went to Ginza, an upmarket district home to expensive shops, restaurants and entertainment establishments. 

Particular highlights included two exhibitions in the district of Ueno: ‘Marcel Duchamp and Japanese Art’ at the Tokyo National Museum, and ‘Munch: A Retrospective’ at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Both were extensive and really interesting. 

Our last morning in Japan was spent at the bustling Tsukiji Fish Market.

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